Bear Necessities

We can’t decide if these bear-topped glass jars (10 inches tall) look better on the kitchen counter or in the bathroom. In the former, we’ve got one on the countertop stuffed with cookies. In the latter, it’s perched on the vanity and holds bath salts. $50, Lily & Co., 95 W. Deloney Ave., 307/732-2211, lilyandcompany.wordpress.com


Plated Bronc

Artist Conner Baldacci, of Gillette, came up with a new way to portray Wyoming’s trademark bucking bronc: using vintage license plates. Baldacci made his first license plate bronc four years ago, at the ripe age of fourteen, for the local fair. They were immediately popular, and he has since designed different sizes and expanded to use different metals. If you have a collection of old license plates sitting around, Baldacci will make a custom bronc. From $92, MADE, 125 N. Cache, 307/690-7957, madejacksonhole.com


The Season’s Blanket

Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch, wrap yourself in a Darzzi knitted blanket, and don’t worry about making a mess. Darzzi’s 100 percent cotton blankets and throws are machine washable, which means they are as easy to care for as they are cozy. Starting at $98, Paper & Grace, 55 N. Glenwood, 307/733-8900, paperandgrace.com


’Broidered Bison

Coral & Tusk’s whimsical embroidered home decor items have been sold in the valley for several years. Starting this summer, though, founder Stephanie Housley has a workspace in the back of the boutique Workshop. (Formerly based only in Brooklyn, New York, Housley and husband Chris Lacinak recently bought a house in nearby Bondurant.) Watch as Housley draws on fabrics before embroidering over the design, and then buy one of these bison pillows she made earlier. From $105, Workshop, 180 E. Deloney Ave., 307/733-5520, workshopjh.com


Stick a Fork In It

Flatware is often overlooked—one of those details you don’t think about until you’re holding a fork and it feels wrong. The balance of Fortessa Tableware Solutions’ Arezzo flatware is perfect, and its rustic-yet-sophisticated lines are perfect for Jackson Hole. Arezzo is available in three finishes: brushed gold, copper, and stainless steel. Right now we only have eyes for the brushed gold. From $58, food52.com



Yes, a cat cave is a thing. And yes, this sleepy one with ears made by Lithuanian artist Indre Naujokiene is the cutest one ever. Naujokiene, who also does gorgeous felt sculptures in addition to pieces for pets, uses 100 percent natural felt to hand-make each of these cat caves, available in different sizes. Custom orders are possible, too. From $107, etsy.com/shop/vaivaindre


Dog Dreams

Your dog probably prioritizes comfort over looks; you’re probably concerned with both. San Francisco-based P.L.A.Y. designs dog beds with everyone’s needs in mind. P.L.A.Y.’s beds are filled with the perfect amount of PlanetFill filler (made from 100 percent post-consumer, certified-safe recycled plastic bottles), and covers are machine washable and dryer-friendly. Our dog loves the ergonomics of the Urban Lounge Bed; we love how the simple, dark blue denim cover trimmed in mandarin orange looks in our living room. If you want to make more of a statement, P.L.A.Y. makes beds with graphic patterns designed exclusively for them by dog-loving artists in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. From $98, petplay.com


King of the Kitchen

3 Squares’ TIM3 MACHIN3 doesn’t do the grocery shopping, but can pretty much handle everything in the kitchen once you’re home. The stainless steel, programmable slow cooker does rice (nearly twice as fast as many other rice cookers), steams food, and makes yogurt. Quinoa? Before it cooks it, it toasts it. Seriously. And it gets better: The TIM3 MACHIN3 comes with a steam tray—cook rice or quinoa and steam an entree at the same time. Don’t even get us started on how easily it makes yogurt; just know that we’re now eating about a quart of it a day. Each. $69.99, allmodern.com


Functional Art

Artist Nate Padavick created this cute and quirky custom illustration of the valley for our sister publication, Jackson Hole magazine. Belle Cose had the brilliant idea to print it on reusable canvas totes. $27, Belle Cose, 48 E. Broadway, 307/733-2640, bellecose.com

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