Drink to the Mountains

Whether you’re a fish person or not, there’s no denying the stylishness and originality of Aruliden’s hand-blown Glasscape fishbowl. The Glasscape comes in two sizes and seems like the only proper home for a Jackson Hole fish, but it’s just as eye-catching when empty or when filled with air plants. And you can improve the quality of any cocktail by serving it in one of Aruliden’s new Escape hand-blown glass tumblers, which have the same mountainous interior landscape as the Glasscape bowl. From $48, use code “JH2017” at aruliden.com/shop to get 10% off Glasscape and Escape

Colorful Carafe

At first we thought this 16-ounce, glass water bottle by Aquaovo was covered in leather—which was cool, but a little high-maintenance, right? We like a stylish water bottle as much as the next person, but won’t sacrifice practicality for good looks. (And it’s just not practical to have a water bottle covered in something that shouldn’t get wet.) But it turns out the zippered protective sleeve is made from silicone. So we bought ourselves one. $25, Persephone Bakery, 145 E. Broadway Ave., 307/200-6708, persephonebakery.com

Photo by Bradly Boner

Smells Like Yellowstone

Bring Yellowstone into your home with Ethics Supply Co.’s Yellowstone National Park candle. The candle, made from coconut-soy beeswax, is hand-poured in small batches in California. It doesn’t smell like sulfur, but instead like the park’s more pleasant scents—subalpine fir, thermal moss, and wild strawberry. While we were initially skeptical of the “thermal moss” part, the end result is a lively but graceful fragrance. This candle will burn for an estimated forty-five hours. $45, Paper and Grace, 55 Glenwood St., 307/733-8900, paperandgrace.com

Photo by Bradly Boner

Bearly Seasoned

When you want just a touch of western wildlife on your table, go for this set of pewter bear salt and pepper shakers. $145, Belle Cose, 48 E. Broadway Ave., 307/733-2640, bellecose.com

The Best Float

We don’t understand why every valley home worth its private pond doesn’t have a Hammocraft yet. Dreamt up and designed by lifetime valley locals Bland Hoke and Bryan Carpenter, Hammocraft is exactly what it sounds like: a raft full of hammocks. Up to five hammocks, in fact. The two friends have spent more than a decade designing an ingenious, lightweight aluminum frame capable of easily mounting onto two SUPs or kayaks, and supporting up to five hammocks. It’s possible you’ve seen an iteration of a Hammocraft out in the wild—the men and their friends regularly take them to String Lake, R Park, and down various stretches of the Snake, among other valley waters. And they’re finally happy enough with their design that they’re selling it. If you have your own pond, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a Hammocraft for it. You can also rent one from Teton Backcountry Rentals. Buy from $895 (full setups are $2,495), 307/690-0097, hammocraft.com. Rent from $130/day, 307/828-1885, tetonbcrentals.com

Photo by Bradly Boner

The Last Word

Made from formaldehyde-free MDF finished with white epoxy, “The End” bookend brings style and smiles to any bookshelf. $28 each, Nest, 50 King St., 612/220-8076, nestjacksonhole.com

Written in Stone

Some valley residents amass a quiver of skis. Design nerds like us have our quivers, too—of pens. 22 Design Studio’s (no relation to Teton County) concrete rollerball pen is: 1) supercool; and 2) only gets better with age. From the start we loved the feel of its ridged, high-density concrete barrel; as we began to use it, we noticed the ridges erode, making the pen precisely perfect for our hands. $89, shop.gessato.com

Bird Art

Why settle for just a bird feeder when you can get a bird feeder/bird camera combo? Seriously. Meet Bird Photo Booth, which recently launched 2.0 of its product. The feeder is exactly what its name implies. Hidden in a weatherproof compartment that is part of the feeder is a 4k motion-activated Wi-Fi camera (or you can buy the base model and use your own smartphone or GoPro with the included Bluetooth remote). Now you can take the most amazing photos and videos of birds from the couch. The feeder looks good, too; the weatherproof camera compartment hides behind a facade inspired by twin-lens reflex cameras from the 1930s. From $60, birdphotobooth.com

Photo by Bradly Boner

Better Than the Original

No kitchen is complete without Persephone Bakery’s homemade Nutella. It’s 1,000 times better than the supermarket stuff—think less sweet and more texture—and has only six ingredients, all easily pronounceable: hazelnuts, hazelnut oil, confectionary sugar, Tahitian vanilla, cocoa powder, and salt. $12, Persephone Bakery, 145 E. Broadway Ave., 307/200-6708, persephonebakery.com

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