A few of our favorite things for your home


Smells Like Yellowstone

Take the scent of Yellowstone National Park home with you with Good and Well Supply Company’s National Park Collection Candles. Founded by Megan McLaughlin, Good and Well makes all of its soy/wax-blend candles by hand in Seattle, Washington. McLaughlin, who had previously founded a successful handmade soap company, got the idea for national park scented candles after spending time visiting the country’s parks and camping in them. She noticed that each park has its own scent. Yellowstone’s? Vetiver, pine needles, and sandalwood. $38, available at MADE, 125 N. Cache St., 307-690-7957

Functional Bison

Can you ever have enough bottle openers? Maybe, but definitely not when the device of choice is Floor | 9’s heavy-duty brass bottle opener, which has the opener set in the body of a bison. Is there a more perfect bottle opener for a Jackson Hole home? $12, available at Belle Cose at Home, 115 E. Broadway Ave., 307/739-HOME, bellecose.com


Scratch Off

Modern Natives’ National Park Picture Scratch-Off Poster is both wall art and travel checklist. The 16×20-inch poster features each of the country’s fifty-nine national parks, arranged in order of their founding. (So Yellowstone appears at top left.) A photo of an iconic scene from each park is hidden beneath silver foil. Scratch off only the parks you’ve been to, or scratch them all off for photographic inspiration to visit new parks. $32, available at MADE, 125 N. Cache St., 307-690-7957


Color in the Kitchen

Enamelware isn’t among the first things that come to mind when we think of Turkey—that’d be baklava, followed by carpets, kilims, and then tiles—but sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston are changing that. Their colorful and witty Bornn Enamelware, which is made in Istanbul and locally carried by Picnic, is not only a splash of color for your table, but also dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit. From $14, available at Picnic, 1110 Maple Way, Suite B, 307/264-2956, bornnus.com

Candles to Cocktails

“We’ll pour the scent, and you pour the spirit; candles to cocktails.” How can you not get behind a candle company that issues such a challenge? Each of Ranger Station’s candles is hand-poured into a reusable eight-ounce tumbler. Burn through enough of the candles, which are made with essential oils and natural soy wax, and you have a set of fun tumblers for your home bar. Founded by twin brothers Steve and Jon Soderholm, Ranger Station’s scents are more manly than most candles: timber, leather + pine, copal, birch bark, tobacco + musk, oak moss, and santalum. $36, available at Mountain Dandy, 125 N. Cache St., 307/690-0606, rangerstation.co


Entertain in Style

Made Goods’ Jonathan side table is a perfect piece for Jackson Hole homes. Teak logs are set in white resin to create a 20x20x20-inch cube that is simultaneously rustic and contemporary. The same company’s Pace Trays continue the contemporary-organic aesthetic: They’re made with gray hair-on-hide leather panels mounted onto matte teak. Side table $620, Pace trays from $175, both available at Belle Cose at Home, 115 E. Broadway Ave., 307/739-HOME, bellecose.com


Don’t Resist the Resin

We can’t say we’ve been looking for the perfect champagne bucket—or looking for any champagne bucket, really. But, having found Tina Frey’s 9x9x9-inch champagne bucket cast in resin, we’ve got to confess that our consumption of bubbly has increased. A San Francisco-based designer, Frey first sculpted the champagne bucket’s form in clay. A mold was handmade from this, and it is this mold that is used to cast the vessel in lead-free resin. After casting, each piece is hand-sanded. From $56, available at Mountain Dandy, 125 N. Cache St., 307/690-0606, tinafreydesigns.com

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