A few of our favorite things this season.
Destroy to Enjoy: The earliest evidence of surprise balls comes from Native American cultures, some of which use balls of grass, twigs, and leather, among other materials, to tell the story of someone’s life. (The first layer represents birth, and additional layers represent significant events.) Surprise balls came to mainstream America as toys in the 1950s. They were created using approximately 100 feet of crepe paper ribbon, inside of which a number of prizes were hidden. Add some whimsy to your next party by giving guests one of Tops Malibu’s Surprize Balls, each of which contains six keepsakes—like whistles, seashells, brass charms, fortunes, and stickers—hidden inside. $18.75 each, available at Paper & Grace, 55 N. Glenwood St., 307/733-8900


Lather Up: Yes, the art paper that each bar of Little Flower custom soap comes in is almost too pretty to tear off. But then you catch a whiff of the smells inside and you can’t get at the soap—which is paraben-, phthalate-, and sulphate-free and scented only with essential oils—fast enough. Made by a husband-and-wife team in Michigan, Little Flower’s scents include comfrey spearmint, woodsman, tea tree lime almond, poppy bergamot, and rosemary lemon mint. $6.50, available at MADE, 125 N. Cache St., 307/690-7957, littleflowersoap.com


Keep It Fresh: Did you know airtight containers aren’t the best for food? Trapped air can destroy the freshness of everything from flour to sugar, herbs, nuts, and, most important to us, coffee. Meet Planetary Design’s Airscape coffee and food storage canister. A patented valve in the BPA-free lid forces air out and then locks the lid into place, ensuring your coffee will stay fresh longer. $30, available at Pearl Street Bagels, 145 W. Pearl Ave., 307/739-1218, planetarydesign.com


Smell & Support: Each Sydney Hale hand-poured candle has a burn time of approximately 50 hours. Still, we couldn’t help but buy several of them because the Virginia-based boutique candlemaker donates 10 percent of its profits to animal rescue organizations across the country—since 2010 it has given more than $150,000—and who doesn’t want to support animal rescue? Also we stocked up because we couldn’t settle on one scent, which include combinations like grapefruit + hibiscus, sea salt + bay rum, or tobacco + sandalwood. $28, available at MADE, 125 N. Cache St., 307-690-7957, sydneyhaleco.com


Artful Coasters: Based in Livingston, Montana, St. John’s Supply Co. makes tomahawks and targets, and also smaller home accessories. While the two former items are certainly great conversation starters, the latter don’t require as much space and include practical items like colorful coasters made from leather and Pendleton wool, two classic Western materials. $11 each, available at Mountain Dandy, 125 N. Cache St., 307/690-0606, stjohnssupplyco.com


You Need This: Because you need a walnut cutting board with a silhouette of the Tetons on its top edge. That’s all. $160, available at Mountain Dandy, 125 N. Cache St., 307/690-0606


Bake in Style: Whether you’re baking brownies or lasagna, you’ll likely find Falcon Enamelware’s 9.5-inch square baking tray the perfect size. The fact that every piece is as durable as it is timeless and elegant is a bonus. And, not that we’ve dropped any of our Falconware onto a bare concrete floor, but if we did it wouldn’t break. (It is possible it would chip, though.) Of course all of the British brand’s pieces are dishwasher-safe and can handle oven temperatures up to 530 degrees Fahrenheit. $40, available at Aspens Market, 4015 N. Lake Creek Dr. #29, Wilson, 307/200-6140, us.falconenamelware.com


Picture This: Don’t stress over picking the perfect John Derian decoupage piece; instead invest in the John Derian Picture Book, an assortment of almost 300 oversize images of Derian’s creations, which are made by cutting and pasting vintage 18th- and 19th-century prints onto hand-blown glass trays, bowls, plates, and vases. Flipping through the book’s 368 pages, it’s easy to see why InStyle, Garden & Gun, and New York Magazine, among others, named it one of the best gift books of the year. $75, available at Paper & Grace, 55 N. Glenwood St., 307/733-8900


Luxe Linens: We don’t mind making a mess when we’ve got Danica Studio linen napkins to clean ourselves up with. The company’s design studio is in Vancouver, British Columbia, but its linen comes from vendors in India, some of whom parent company Now Designs has had relationships with for generations. So you’re not imagining it when Danica’s linen feels like the softest ever. $22 for two napkins, available at Pearl Street Market, 40 W. Pearl Ave., 307/733-1300, danicastudio.com


Doggie Design: When you’re looking for water and food bowls for your dog that look as good as they function, go for Tall Tails’ Wood Designer Dog Bowl. Each bowl has a stainless steel insert that is dishwasher-safe and a mango wood riser fitted with non-skid feet. From $19.95, available at Teton Tails, 250 W. Pearl Ave., 307/739-9247, talltailsdog.com


Fun Fire: Magic Fire Sticks are exactly what they sound like. Toss one into any wood-burning fire—we’re partial to campfires and backyard bonfires, but have also tried the living room fireplace—and oohh and ahh as the flames progress through the colors of the rainbow. $22/three, available at Paper & Grace, 55 N. Glenwood St., 307/733-8900
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