Home Sweet Home

The Family Home

The Family Home

As told by Jesse and Stephanie Roy

Photograph by Cole Buckhart

The year we got married, 2013, we bought a house together on West Snow King Drive. At that time, we were living in a condo in the Aspens. The condo was nice—we had remodeled it—but we knew we’d eventually want more space for a growing family. We saw the potential in a lot with a little orange 1956 house on it. We knew that eventually we’d scrape it and build something of our own, but because that was several years out we fixed it up and rented it out for a while. We used that time to save up for the new house and also to better understand the rules and regulations that went with the AR-zoned 0.17-acre lot: We were allowed two ARUs [accessory residential structures] in addition to our own home and wanted to make sure we maximized the potential of the lot so we’d have rental income to help us with our mortgage. Because one of us is in building and the other is in property management [Jesse owns Couloir Construction and Stephanie owns Jackson Hole Property Management], we knew exactly what we were getting into with the build and had insight into what renters were looking for.

The final design that we settled on and that was approved by the town included a 1,600-square-foot house and two 800-square-foot apartments. Our house has a two-car garage, and each of the apartments has an oversize single-car garage. One apartment is in the 3/4 basement, and the other is detached and accessed from the alley in the back. Everyone has their own private entrance. 

In late 2016, after about eight months of construction, we moved in and so did two groups of renters. We’re now totally settled and are on our second round of renters in each apartment. We love our house and feel like we’re making the most of this lot. With our two kids and the newborn of one of the couples renting from us, there are nine people living comfortably on one lot that isn’t that big.  

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