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Noa Staryk, owner and founder of Nest, shares what inspires her

Noa Staryk
Founder | Owner Nest

By Dina Mishev • Photography by David Agnello



“Redoing spaces is my jam,” says Noa Staryk, who, with her family, moved to Jackson from Minneapolis in 2011 after vacationing here several times a year starting in the 1990s. She and husband Ted own Snake River Brewing—they bought it in 2006, before they lived here—and when they went shopping for office space in 2012, it was a 1930s cabin on Pearl Avenue that caught her eye. After remodeling it for nine months, the couple used it as their offices until 2016, when Staryk took it over for the boutique Nest. “I had always wanted to have a small shop filled with things I loved,” she says. Formerly the home of Gladys and John Wort (John and his brother, Jess, built The Wort Hotel in downtown Jackson), today the cabin displays shoes and racks full of colorful clothing sourced from around the world. “I’m much more confident with interiors than I am with clothing, but I love the challenge of a steep learning curve,” Staryk says. Here are a few other things that inspire her.


I feel like Ali Cohane is a total rock star. She’s the founder (with husband Kevin, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained baker) of Picnic and Persephone Bakery. Ali runs the businesses and she did the interior design in both spaces. Each space is different, so you really see the range of her design capabilities. And the selection of products, from ceramics to books, she has curated to sell at each cafe is really fun. I’m inspired by her taste and the attention that she pays to detail. Picnic: 1110 Maple Way, Suite B, 307/264-2956, picnicjh.com; Persephone: 145 E. Broadway, 307/200-6708, persephonebakery.com


Scotch & Soda is a clothing line out of Amsterdam, my favorite city! If I have to pick a favorite line that we carry at Nest, it’s Scotch & Soda. Their clothing is whimsical, and the attention to detail is amazing. Each item in the line has a surprise element, whether it is a piece of jewelry that comes with it or a quirky saying embroidered somewhere. 55 W. Pearl Ave., 307/200-6681, scotch-soda.com, nestjacksonhole.com


Julie Guttormson, owner of Revolution Indoor Cycling, orchestrates an annual event, Rock The RidE, to raise funds for stroke and cardiac patients through the St. John’s Hospital Foundation. She has held it for three years, but last year was the first one I went to. I do spin classes many mornings with Julie and they’re always fun, but this was something else. The energy in the room was amazing. Julie is a mom of two who runs her own business, and then she does this on the side to raise money—she raised $53,000 in 2018—for something that is near and dear to her heart. 870 S. Highway 89, 307/413-0441, revolutionindoorcycling.com


A trip into Habits is definitely a habit of mine. I am constantly inspired by the store and its owner, Arcy Hawks. Arcy makes the shop an ever-changing stage that conveys product stories that I admire for the thoughtful editing, product selection, and creative presentations. It’s like eye candy. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my daughter went here with my husband and pointed out this amazing gray cashmere scarf that has a trim lined with feathers that he got me as a gift. I still love it. 35 W. Deloney Ave., 307/733-5665, habitsjh.com


(Not Pictured) Alice, last fall’s Dancers’ Workshop production based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, literally blew me away. It was a visual feast, and I was so inspired by the level of artistic production. And I am continually inspired by Babs Case, Dancers’ Workshop’s artistic and executive director. Babs is a visionary leader who inspires the highest-quality artistry. Walking out of that performance, my heart swelled with pride in this place and the people who live here. 240 S. Glenwood St., 307/733-6398, dwjh.org

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